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KY jelly is a water soluble product that is produced by Johnson and Johnson. This water-based product is used as a sexual lubricant. With many people in the modern world looking for ways through which they can boost their sexual performance and satisfaction, this product has fast gained popularity. Originally, this product was used as a surgical product. This is because it was made from natural ingredients. Later, Johnson and Johnson started manufacturing the sterile version of this lubricant. It was intended for the sexual health market. There was also the production of non-sterile version that was used a general-use personal lubricant.

This lubricant is now readily available in the market where it is sold to be used for sexual stimulation. This sexual lubricant is the best as it doesn’t react with latex condoms or the rubber based sex toys. It is a thick gel that tends to dry out fast when in use. This is why water or saliva is used to reactivate it. One good thing about the KY Jelly is that it does not contain a spermicide. This means that chances of conceiving when using it are high. This is because it has no chemicals that kill sperms.


KY Jelly

Unlike the lubricants that are petroleum based, KY jelly is very inert. It is a colorless product that has no perfume additives. This makes it the best as it has no chances of producing side effects. This is a lubricant that has become extremely popular since it doesn’t have stain and is easy to clean up. It is readily available over the counter in many stores. The recent past has seen the production of KY liquid which is a warming lubricant for women. This is an effectively version that can be applied on the vaginal area of the women to seduce the, to have sex.

KY Jelly uses glycerin as a lubricant.  It also has sodium chloride that is used as an antiseptic and preservative. This is a safe ingredient that will ensure there are no side effects. The sodium hydroxide is an additive that is very safe. This is a product that will enhance the arousal of females for sexual arousal. If you are a female with low sex drive, this is the best product to make use of.  It will act on the skin to enhance blood flow to the clitoris and sensitive parts of the vagina.

There are many dealers of KY Jelly who you can make use of to buy this product.  When you are in the market, some great caution is needed so that you buy genuine product. It is very possible to find counterfeit KY Jelly products in the market. You need to make use of reviews in order to buy from genuine dealers. Reviews will guide you on where and how to buy genuine product at reduced prices. This is a personal lubricant that will give you brand new invigorating sensation. It will set you in the right mood of enjoying sex.

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